Woodlands Chiropractor Providing Natural Pain Relief

Dr. Tyler Hamel, Woodlands chiropractor is providing natural pain relief to his clients without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgeries.  For more information on how you can take control of your aches and pains naturally please click here or call 281-360-8387

With over 16 years of experience this chiropractic doctor has helped thousands of clients by maintaining proper function of their spine and nervous system.  Common complaints people have when seeking out Dr. Hamel are migraine headaches, sciatica, low back pain, kinks in the neck, muscle spasm and chronic injuries.  This holistic doctor relieves aches and pains naturally through chiropractic adjustments and nutritional programs; everything the body needs naturally to function optimally.

Maintaining your spine and nervous system is a key to optimal health, over the year’s wear and tear in these systems cause deteriorating health, symptoms and aches and pains.  The chiropractor is the only doctor who can properly maintain the spine and alleviate unwanted stress on the joints and nerves of the body.  Irritation in the spine and nerves creates something called a subluxation and this can only be corrected by a doctor of chiropractic.  Years of dysfunction in your spine and nervous system can cause many health issues including headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, chronic fatigue, disc herniations, sprains, strains, numbness, digestive issues and more.  One option you have to is to take prescription medication which sometimes might be necessary to feel better but in no way is it taking care of the root cause of the problem.  We see clients all the time who have been suffering with headaches, reflux, thyroid disorders and have been taking medicine for over 10 years and they are still not any healthier.

Going through life suffering with health conditions and relying only on medicine to get you healthier is an uphill battle; in order to truly get healthier you have to take charge of your own health.  Getting rid of neck pains or headaches requires you to change up your lifestyle, make your health a priority and get rid of all bad habits that are causing poor health.  If you decide to choose a chiropractor to help improve health long term I highly recommend it, but if you do not want to go that route there are many other healthy avenues to look at.

Mainstream medicine can definitely help with acute conditions like infections and surgeries, however, the side effects to taking medicine over a long period of time can be deadly.  Each medicine has its own side effects and then when you combine medicines it goes up exponentially.  You should know the possible negative health effects of taking drugs so you can determine if this is the right course for you to go through.  How many friends and family do you know who are taking more than 3 medications and ask yourself do they really seem any healthier?

Health care today means taking responsibility for your own health; once you give up that responsibility you are not longer in control and that is a scary thought.  Even if you have to take a prescription drug there are many alternative therapies or programs that can support your health condition or diagnosis naturally.  Don’t just be happy with what you doctor says; ask them about all the alternatives that you can do yourself to improve your health.