Woodlands Chiropractor Explains The Truth About Vitamins


Dr. Tyler Hamel, Woodlands chiropractor explains the truth about vitamins to all of his patients because in his experience most people are clueless about what to buy and why they are buying it.  For more information on local practitioners providing natural health and wellness, nutritional protocols and chiropractic care please go here or call 281-360-8387.

Dr. Hamel has over 16 years of experience offering natural alternatives to medicine using advanced clinical nutrition and natural chiropractic therapies.  This alternative doctor is both into chiropractic medicine and a nutritionist to help serve his clients with comprehensive wellness solutions.  Dr. Hamel explains that most clients that come to see him are buying up vitamins and supplements that are extremely low quality, synthetic products.  Often the client has been taking vitamins for over 10 years, they do not know what they are taking and they really are not seeing a measurable difference in their health.

What The Core Issues Are?

The majority of people get their supplements and vitamins today based on TV commercials, internet ads, TV programs, the grocery store or even the gas station.  Unfortunately, most of these products are made up of cheap, synthetic ingredients which the body has a hard time recognizing and using.  When medical doctors, friends, or family say that vitamins are not good for you, it is most likely because they are taking these cheap, ineffective supplements.  Dr. Hamel, a Woodlands TX chiropractor has been serving the north Houston community for over 16 years, his mission is to educate the masses so they can make better decisions about optimizing their health and wellness.

The right healthy option to go with for natural vitamins and supplements are whole food or live source vitamins, these are made of real food and the least amount of synthetics.  The primary reason you will see some synthetic ingredients even in the best whole food vitamins is because the FDA requires it; I know this sound backwards and it is very backwards.  Whole food supplements work best because they have all of the vitamins along with the cofactors that help the body take in and absorb them.  Cofactors are substances that are naturally occurring in life, so vitamin C in an orange has many other important compounds besides just ascorbic acid.

I encourage everyone to not just believe that natural vitamins are good for you and have to improve your health, you really have to know it for yourself.  Try taking a good quality whole food vitamin for one month and see how you feel, look for changes in energy, sleep, aches and pains, headaches, digestion and elimination.  When the body gets the right nutrition it runs like a finely tuned machine, healing and repair will happen much more efficiently and effectively, it has to because that is how the body was meant to function.

The truth about vitamins, this Woodlands TX chiropractor and nutritionist explains has to be experienced and lived so that people can discover their own truth.  Consistently taking whole food vitamins help move you towards a good goal for your health, it can only help you and I hope that makes sense to you when you read this.  On the other hand, taking prescription medication might make you feel better but it is not actually getting you any healthier, feeding the body toxic chemical can in no way, shape or form improve your health.

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